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Northgate Realty derives its name from the neighborhoods along DC’s upper 16th Street, where founder & co-owner Lee Goldstein began his real estate business nearly 25 years ago. These communities of Shepherd Park, Colonial Village & N. Portal Estates are traditionally known as the northern gateway, or the North Gate into the city.

Over the years, the agents of Northgate Realty have become experts on the market throughout the entire DMV, by professionally assisting our buyer and seller clients with their real estate needs in Washington DC, suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia.

The entire Northgate team brings a wealth of experience, creativity, and compassion to each transaction that they work, allowing them to not only guide their clients through the nuts and bolts of buying or selling a home, but also listening and learning from them to adequately address all questions, ensuring the most comfortable & stress-free purchase or sale possible. They understand that expertise in real estate isn’t enough and they continuously strive to ensure that the company’s focus remains on the clients and their needs, rather than the agents themselves.

Northgate Realty is where clients become friends, and friends become clients, and they deeply care for their individual needs, not just for the transaction they have at hand, but for life. They want their clients and friends to feel as though they can drop by their homes for a casual cup of coffee, engage in heartfelt conversations, and seek expert advice on all things real estate, without ever feeling the weight of expectation. Northgate Realty is redefining what it means to feel at home in the world of real estate.


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“From our home to yours” is not just a slogan that we use, but the way in which we run our business and lead our lives. We found each other after previous marriages and kids, and were incredibly lucky to find an amazing home to share together. A place that has become central to our blended family and where so much of our happiness exists. It is this feeling that drives us every day to bring that same level of joy, through real estate, to each of our clients.

– Lee & Angela Goldstein

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